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Many modern Wi-Fi network devices support WPS, short for Wi-Fi Protected Set You, a function that quickly connects devices without manually entering a username or password. . For example, if you have a Windows 11 or 10 computer, when you click on a Wi-Fi network name you will be asked to enter the network security key, which is simply the Wi-Fi password. . Right below the password input box, Windows 11 tells you that “You can also connect by pressing a button on the router.” If the router that broadcasts the Wi-Fi network has WPS turned on, you can also use WPS to make instant connections to Wi-Fi networks without having to type in the wireless networks’ passwords.

Connect to Android Work over WPS using Net Wi-Fi.

Recent Android versions should have support for WPS. If you open the Wi-Fi menu to expand the list of all available networks and see Encrypted (WPS Available) under Specific Wi-Fi networks, it means your phone supports WPS. Is

Wi-Fi to Android phone using WPS

To connect to WPS WiFi, you must first find the connection option. This can be found in various places or menus. You can find it in settings to find it quickly. This method works with almost all Android devices on the phone, the home of the settings is Huawei. I can see the search bar at the top of my screen. If you can’t find WPS in Settings via search, your phone probably doesn’t support WPS. When you search for settings, you usually want to find both WPS PIN connection or WPS connection in wps. Different devices may have different names. For example, push-button WPS, you may find other devices PIN entry or similar names WPS. On me


WPS push connection via pin connection

will give a numeric PIN These are two different ways to connect devices via WPS. When you use the WPS PIN option, Android eight requires you to add it to your router’s control/admin panel, so it’s harder than Pushway. Below we will only discuss the WPS push button method.

Select WPS Connection or WPS Push Button from the search results in Settings to access it quickly. Your Android phone will search for the router. Note that your router must be WPS enabled. The wireless router supports WPS and this option is not disabled from the admin panel. Some people may think that WPS is not secure so they choose to disable it on the router when they don’t use it to connect devices. When your phone finds a router or Wi-Fi network, it will automatically connect to it via WPS, no need to enter the Wi-Fi name or password.


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