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WhatsApp is the most popular texting administration. These days associations also use it to interface with customers. Now and then have inquired every time. Due to lack of effort or time, associations cannot answer each question step by step.

In this post, we will help you understand the quick and dirty of WhatsApp chatbots. To begin with, we should discuss how the auto-reply works for WhatsApp

There are two different ways to set up automatic replies for your business using WhatsApp Business and using WhatsApp’s Business API.

Here’s how to set auto reply on WhatsApp?

Automatically react to incoming WhatsApp or WA Business messages uniquely with this Visitbot. You have a number of settings to tweak each auto-reply to your needs. Download now without any work and surprise your colleagues or customers with your own bot!

Features and Benefits:

* Auto-reply to WhatsApp or WA Business.

+ Individually adjustable

* Many automation tools are included.

* React to all messages when you are busy.

* Send replies to clear messages. How to Set Auto Reply on WhatsApp

Welcome message for new conversations*

* Live response alternatives (location*, time, name…)

*Multiple answers in one rule*

* Works with contacts, aggregates and obscure numbers


* Ignore and identify contacts and gatherings.

Automatic scheduler with delay

* Working as a tasker module (a task is an automation apparatus): *

* Back your rules for easy recovery * Not refreshing your last seen/online status

to do

A personal expert for your private company

This app is still in beta, many more features will follow!

not far:

Font styles (bold, italic, strikethrough)

* Widget

+ Driving mode

Scheduling away messages:

Plan consistently. When you are away and unable to communicate with your clients for a long time


Custom plan: This is chosen when you only need to send messages during a specific duration. Set the length of the period and if a client you this period

Download Out of Business Hours: When this component is set as your business hours on your profile, away messages will automatically be sent if a response is received outside of business hours.


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